● How do I load coins?

There is a “SHOP” option at the bottom of the home screen, which will lead you to the page to purchase coins. Or you can go through your profile and tap on “MY WALLET” and buy coins.

Make sure not to close the payment page after payment. Allow the browser to redirect back to the game for successful payment.

● I can’t load coins successfully, what do I do?

The same email address used to sign up should be used to login to the payment page to ensure successful coin purchase.

● How can I buy lives for campaign mode?

Tap on the buy lives icon on the campaign mode page, choose your preferred number of lives and tap on purchase.

● How do I create a Lobby?

Tap on the PLAY WITH FRIENDS game mode. Select bet amount and game type (2 players or 4 players).

Tap on the share icon and share the lobby code to your friends via any social media platform.

Tap create and wait on the game board for your friends to join.

Do not leave the game board while friends are joining for the game to start successfully.

● How can I add a friend?

To add friends to a game room, see How do I create a lobby?.

● Can I add more than one friend to my lobby?

Yes, Play With Friends game mode allows for both 2 and 4 player types.

● Can I continue my game progress on another device?

Yes, sign in to any device using your login details; email address and password.

● Can I login my account on desktop?

Logging in to your account on desktop can only be used to purchase coins. To purchase coins, see How Do I Load Coins?

● I want to change my email and password. How?

To change your email address, tap on the profile icon from the home screen, tap on “edit profile”.

To change your password, logout of the game, tap on forgot password on the login screen. An email will be sent to your registered email address to reset your password.

● My game keeps crashing, what should I do?

Contact Whot Africa customer care to resolve this issue.

● How do I contact customer service?

There are two options for contacting customer care;
Tap on the “i” icon on the home screen, choose between the email correspondence or WhatsApp messenger correspondence.

● How can I delete my profile?

Send us a mail or WhatsApp message with a request to delete your account / profile and it will be deleted.