WhotAfrica is your favourite mobile card game, that lets you play “Whot,” online, and offline, and win cash prizes from the comfort of your phone.

The app was launched in January, 2020, as a way to integrate the physical whot card game online. It was also created to connect individuals and friends to one another allowing them to relive their favorite memories together all over again. To add to all of this, it also allows users to play Whot on their mobile devices and win money, and other prizes on it!

The Team

Favour Okojie
CEO and Co-Founder

Olamide Ojo
COO and Co-Founder


WhotAfrica consists of three game modes:

  • ● Campaign Mode
  • ● Online Multiplayer
  • ● Play with Friends

The Campaign Mode,, also known as the single player mode, is where you play against Rufus, and try to conquer all of our exciting and diverse levels! There are multitudes of levels to unlock, that will keep challenging even the most ardent of Whot players. It is certain to keep you entertained all through.

The Online multiplayer Mode is where you connect with other app users, from all over the world, bet on Whot games and win cash prizes. There are multiple betting options, allowing users the option to choose whatever suits them best, ensuring nobody will be left out.

The Play with Friends Mode, lets users create a personalized lobby where they can invite their friends to join. You can bet money, or play with no stakes amongst friends and family.

These game modes are open to all users!

You can download the WhotAfrica game from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.